It's illegal to fire a worker in retaliation for filing a Worker's Compensation Claim. Don't be afraid to talk to a lawyer and learn your rights. The "case management" person who calls you works for the insurance company - not for you! Call me soon after your injury, and let's set the record straight. All attorney fees collected in a Worker's Compensation claim are subject to the approval of the South Carolina Worker's Compensation Commission. There is no fee for a consultation. It will help to bring evidence of your regular pay and any other paperwork to your first appointment.


I have been presenting, settling and litigating personal injury cases in Aiken County since 1988. Whenever possible talk to an attorney before giving a recorded statement; the insurance company has a LOT more experience in adjusting cases than you do. The majority of my accident cases are handled on a contingency fee basis, meaning, my fee depends upon what I get for you. There is no fee for a consultation in a personal injury case. Call me to discuss what's happened and let me get to work on your recovery. It will help to bring all photos and paperwork in your possession to a consult.


Divorce & Separation

Whether you are thinking of ending your marriage or have been served with papers, I am qualified to discuss your choices and plan your strategy. A consultation can be very helpful in mapping your financial future and protecting your assets.

Custody & Visitation

Know the law before drawing the battle lines. Learn what you can expect from visitation, and what conduct may affect your custody and visitation rights. Learn what circumstances support an alimony award, and what conduct voids alimony. I can help determine your child support obligation or award. It helps to bring evidence of income to your first appointment.

Modification of Previous Orders

If circumstances have changed it may be time to reconsider custody or support. Learn what facts support a review of a previous Order.

Registration & Enforcement

Learn what it takes to get an out of state Order enforceable in South Carolina, and what must be filed before a South Carolina Judge will hold someone in Contempt of Court.

Agreements & Mediation

You and your spouse know your case better than anyone. You can keep control of your circumstances. Let me help you negotiate and file a fair and enforceable Agreement. This can happen before your wedding, upon reconciliation, or as part of your divorce.

Criminal Defense

You are innocent unless proven guilty. Whether you are charged with a misdemeanor or a felony I can research the range of penalties for your charge, learn the strength or weakness of the State's case and the collateral consequences of a plea or conviction. Call and schedule a free confidential consultation.


I was a legal secretary in Aiken before I went to law school and have practiced law in Aiken my entire career. I encourage you to call me with any legal problem you have. A great deal of my business comes upon referral of other law firms, and I am happy to return the courtesy. If I can't help you, let me find someone local who can.